My Daughter: A Poem by Yanna

  My Daughter By Yanna How to protect you from the younger me? The predatory ‘bees to honey’ me  Your lover knows why I distrust him so I know his mind because I once thought so Mummy can’t tell you: only us men know The power that drives us, the green light ‘GO’ I’m drastic … Read more

Interview with Garry Mapanzure out now!

Runabeat Music releases an interview with Zimbabwean Afropop star, Garry Mapanzure, discussing each track from his debut EP, ‘Sushi Season (The First)’, and exploring the inspiration behind it. Sushi Season (The First), released under London-based record label, Runabeat Music, consists of eight professionally delivered tracks that showcase Garry Mapanzure’s vocal brilliance and artistic variety. In … Read more

Yaksta’s New Release – ‘Humans’ Available to stream from 30 October 2020

Jamaican artist, Yaksta, set to release his topical new single, ‘Humans’; a unique track with a poignant message. Yaksta’s new single, ‘Humans’, is inspired by the global events that have dominated 2020. He explores themes of corruption, isolation and devastation as a result of war, disease and human greed. Released via record label, Runabeat Music, ‘Humans’ … Read more