The Elderly: A Poem by Yanna

The Elderly By Yanna   The adult me is still the carefree child My will to mature is pretence times four I want to skip and jump forevermore I want to crash land in sand when I can But strict eyes are upon the elderly Remorseful role models, sadly not free Respected by custom to … Read more

Regrets: A Poem by Yanna

  Regrets By Yanna   Regrets are all but new; I have them too You will regret all that you did not do You will lament on when you had no clue You will wish for flavours not known to you You can’t ask for favours, you desp’rate fool Not from your peers that did … Read more

‘Humans’ Celebrates International Day for Tolerance #TrendHumans

      ‘Humans’ Celebrates International Day for Tolerance Yaksta’s recent song ‘Humans’ celebrates the important message of International Day of Tolerance #TrendHumans “Tolerance is respect, acceptance and appreciation of the rich diversity of our world’s cultures, our forms of expression and ways of being human.” UNESCO’s 1995 Declaration of Principles on Tolerance The International … Read more


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Distracted: A Poem by Yanna

  Distracted By Yanna   My life is a mess: timeless un-filed stress My life has no rest: never forever My life is a test: understanding sand Our lives are precious: some gains may be lost Games will be played: outcomes hardly slap soft Games will display what’s hidden under cloth Toys will destroy the … Read more

Secret Stalker: A Poem by Yanna

  Secret Stalker By Yanna   I watch you. You know I do. All the time I see you. I find you intentional Provocational, purposeful: that’s you Tempted to say ‘Hi’ to befall ‘Bye Bye’ Why? Why not watch for a wee bit longer As a sorry stranger with shield and stealth Until my heart … Read more