‘Humans’ Video, Unheard Voices and a Viral Future

18/02/2021 London, UK ‘Humans’ Video, Unheard Voices and a Viral Future Yaksta’s 2020 music video, ‘Humans’, gains relevance going into 2021 as virus and vaccine discussions go viral #TrendHumans Jamaican recording artiste, Yaksta, was very selective about who would be commissioned to shoot the music video for ‘Humans’, a song released in October, 2020 that … Read more

How It’s Gonna Go: A Poem by Yanna

  How It’s Gonna Go By Yanna   A dream shattered, bruised and battered A plan tattered, crunched and un-flattered The once bright future now sealed tight The daylight blended into the night Flashbacks of freedom from a cold dungeon All the loot dashed away in a day Regrets and secrets tucked in with sin … Read more

Sin In The Bin: A Poem by Yanna

  Sin In The Bin By Yanna   The lidless tin of sins in the bin The pod-less peas with fleas in the tea The questions you must never mention The answers in the motion dancers Thoughts, knowledge, wisdom and power Ideas, plans, strategies so sour You there, me here, the rest are where? Not … Read more