Quack Quack: A Poem by Yanna

  Quack Quack By Yanna   You can’t hurt me You’re under me Buried in your own self pity Desperate for a perfect selfie Like code you rode the net Still surfing cos you aint got hacked yet Trolls and pirates lurk I bet Shame, tears and debt is what you’ll get Ride on Tiger … Read more

Didn’t Love You Anyway: A Poem by Yanna

Didn’t Love You Anyway By Yanna   Such and such at dusk They yawned at dawn The late last breakfast The early end steadfast It’s done and spoken Auto-retreat: it’s broken Felony memory Recalls what they tore First floor balcony No curtains to draw Unforgotten clues begotten Aut0-recall that kettle bottom No secrets to keep … Read more

Sins Hidden: A Poem by Yanna

Sins Hidden By Yanna Forbidden Sins hidden Inner smitten Soft kitten Stone Age toy Not coy Any boy Saucy soy Millenial peeper Serial cat seeker Sister’s keeper Brother’s redeemer History re-written Her story armageddon Secret children Ghost kingdom Silence will get to them

Living With An Animal: A Poem by Yanna

Living With An Animal By Yanna Living with an animal is so tough Whatever you do is never enough Feed the pig; water the horse; milk the cow Farmhouse smoke; hiding hard rams from the goat Mocked by the masses, fed with molasses It’s food for the brain to sugar-coat shame Being stubborn, gaming for … Read more