The Bell So Swell: A Poem by Yanna

The Bell So Swell By Yanna   He you despise sees the spit in your eyes Your birth privilege swims in your grim head Feeling well fed cos of books that you read Belittling and rude with said and unsaid Watch yourself well: retune the bell so swell I walk in the shoes that dropped … Read more

Entangled: A Poem by Yanna

Entangled By Yanna Entangled Partners strangled Manhandled Wrists bangled Strategised Media lies Public outcries Youth tries Lusts for fame Love of love games Brains will tame Once fed with names Flames burn the same Again shred shame Pain will come again

The Easy Life Force: A Poem by Yanna

  The Easy Life Force By Yanna You swam and damned the seamen Never to be born brethren The life force: no code like morse It’s divine, uncrackable Time incomprehensible Fine wine incomparable It grounds you and it lands you Where you did not know you’d be It raises you and flies you To a … Read more

Mended China: A Poem by Yanna

  Mended China By Yanna   Hi Invincible invisible drone Crafting a home whilst hovering alone Mission invitation: oops! Now Im cloned Hi irresponsible invalid dad Running from your son cos you left his mum Mission confession: more lies to tell them Hi vulnerable visible stripper Making a buck from who chucks in your cups … Read more

The Start: A Poem by Yanna

  The Start By Yanna   In the park what I did when day was dark A violation of a human soul They did not know it would end so, and slow I have no control when I play with snow Criminal subliminal animal I’m friendly normally, so invite me I’m wicked usually, but you … Read more

Margin Call Falls: A Poem by Yanna

  Margin Call Falls By Yanna Store some value, bulk or a little bit Coin a phrase: stellar neon lights are lit Rely on someone, land somewhere in soil Or mine your own gold, or drill your own oil The digital age, critical usage Pitiful gains, the hidden crucifix Bears run from bulls, sharks and … Read more

That Geek: A Poem by Yanna

That Geek By Yanna   A fool can be cool A nerd wants to learn But that Geek … Scientific, geopolitical, Digital, Medical, financial freak Soon to unleash the next App to police A bit of a coin; a ripple enjoyed Is he a bird, or plain deeply insane? A super man charge is what … Read more

Clarity: A Poem by Yanna

Clarity By Yanna   I don’t want a rainbow In my clear blue sky When he and she made me Stars were lit that night Petals were pink from new flowers he gave His old lover was blue when love was made Both happily came through and the world knew Sunlit smiles, daylight, no rainbow … Read more