Oppressor: A Poem by Yanna

  Oppressor By Yanna Oppressor in Gucci Gabbana Villain in Louis Vuitton Meetings and greetings How do you do? Blocking and deleting the ones that love you Driving your Bugatti on empty Hennessy Flying your plane to crash the End Game Care not about perception Care most about inclusion Think of the race you are … Read more

It’s Fought From Within: A Poem by Yanna

It’s Fought From Within By Yanna Top of the food chain Counting cooked rice grains Shifting skirts and shirts Digging pits in dirt Attracting strangers to danger Ousting suspect friends to defend The fried food is in-coming But the stress is surmounting The desert is dry The mountain is high The valley is low No … Read more

Fierce Fire Blazer: A Poem by Yanna

  Fierce Fire Blazer By Yanna   You think so stink with every blink Your eyes wake with hate and plots to take You tread late with your bowed head to wed bloodshed Your hands from the flanks threw planks and fuelled tanks You stirred and brewed feuds as you mended my shoes You cried … Read more