Clarity: A Poem by Yanna

Clarity By Yanna   I don’t want a rainbow In my clear blue sky When he and she made me Stars were lit that night Petals were pink from new flowers he gave His old lover was blue when love was made Both happily came through and the world knew Sunlit smiles, daylight, no rainbow … Read more

A Dot on the Map: A Poem by Yanna

A Dot on the MapBy Yanna A dot on the map of a continentHow small the tap to true nourishment isPhilanderers sullied the torn internThe door was open so they picked their turnAll unions failed and Investors yelledThere’s no return when propositions failBack to the drawing board; red eyes all soreMending the blue map the … Read more

WHY WHEN HOW?: A Poem by Yanna

  WHY WHEN HOW? By Yanna Some offences to WHY will harshly try Some Sentences of WHEN ask time that’s spent So we want to know HOW the big dog growled And WHERE cos the proof dont exhibit here The station of reason offloaded IF Circumstantially unproven: hiss hiss Client care retainers paid to beat … Read more

Don Dadda Deceived: A Poem by Yanna

    Don Dadda Deceived By Yanna Noisy velocity Curiosity heard What an atrocity Generosity stirred Now there’s a saga Don Dadda got made Fresh barracuda Deep sea dives all day Come out of that ocean Come out in the open All wet and tarnished Shining like varnish Was it a fetish curiosity witnessed? The … Read more