My Looking Glass: A Poem by Yanna

  My Looking Glass By Yanna Don’t tell me what to write Don’t stress me I write what I like You said poetry Iambic this, pentameter that Metaphor this, simile that Let me crash I like the blank space To design and craft Words in that place For an hour or half It’s my looking … Read more

You Rose: A Poem by Yanna

    You Rose By Yanna You rise and glide: my demise cannot hide You were dropped and you soared despite my roar Not believing invisible ceilings Not shaken by ice stirred on rotation Not moved by heated spirits on exit You rose to stare at me under your nose

Goodbye: A Poem by Yanna

  Goodbye By Yanna I did not help you, but what could I do? Sacrifice my self to be good to you? Crucify myself because I love you? Give you a pass so your life would move fast? You demanded a favour without grace Your command so boldly up in my face Pouring your problems … Read more

No Woman Like Her – A Poem by Yanna

    No Woman Like Her By Yanna No Woman like her Peers fight her All sight her None do right by her Spreadeagled in ash For yet another lash Submerged in water For yet more torture Hurting, angering, cursing No sling and under no wing Hating and opinionated Waiting for no marriage Made up … Read more

Run Along: A Poem by Yanna

  Run Along By Yanna   Will I wait forever for you to be ready? Do I have the platform to keep you steady? Will you select well from life’s choice medley? Have I done enough to reduce your levy? In the rush I left crusts in the dust A trail to be followed and … Read more